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Getting started with AMNES

Regardless of whether AMNES is to be used as a controller or as worker, only one Python package is required for installation and use. On this page the necessary requirements and all installation steps are explained.


To run AMNES, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Python interpreter with a version of at least 3.8
  • The use of the standard CPython interpreter is recommended
  • All network devices used must be accessible by the AMNES controller for management purposes


For installing the latest AMNES version from the Python Package Index1, you just need to run the following command:

pip install amnes

For installing AMNES directly from the latest GitLab sources, you first need to clone the repository from the provided link via SSH or HTTPS:

Clone with SSH:

git clone

Clone with HTTPS:

git clone

You can start the installation from the AMNES project root directory with the following command:

pip install .

Now you should be able to use AMNES commands, for example:

amnes --help