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AMNES Component Configuration

The individual components of AMNES can be configured in separate files using the YAML markup language. The standard path for all configuration files is ~/.amnes. This section describes the configuration options of the individual components.

Controller Configuration

Controller and Worker Configurations are the same underneath the exec key. First, address and port are specified for the management network. Then a name can be assigned to the component. After that you can specify how to handle the AMNES log entries by setting handlers under the logging key. There are two options: Either the tty key can be used to output the messages directly to STDOUT and STDERR or the syslog key can be used to send the messages to a syslog server. It is also possible to do both at the same time.

  port: 22022
  name: AMNES-DevEnv-Controller
    - tty:
        stream: stdout
    - syslog:
        port: 514
        socktype: tcp

  backend: "postgres"
    host: ""
    port: 5432
    user: "amnes"
    password: "amnes"
    database: "amnes"
  filetransfer_port: 22023
Below controller all controller specific configuration options can be set. Here, the storage backend can be selected using backend. At the moment sqlite and postgres are supported. When defining postgres as storage backend, host, port, user, password and database must be specified. Finally, address and port are required for the file transfer of measurement results. They can be specified with the keys filetransfer_address and filetransfer_port.

Worker Configuration

The configuration options for a worker instance below the exec key are the same as for the controller. In addition to this, no further specific configurations can be made for a worker instance at the moment.

  port: 22022
  name: AMNES-DevEnv-Worker-1
    - tty:
        stream: stdout
worker: {}

CTL Configuration

For the AMNES CTL command line tool, only address and port of the corresponding controller instance must be specified.

  controller_port: 22022