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AMNES Development Utility

For development on AMNES, there exists a commandline utility called amnesdev or dev which can be used to automatize redundant tasks.

Prepare for Usage

It is required to run a Pipenv-Shell (or to source Pipenv's activation script) so the local utility, located in a subdirectory of the AMNES repository, can be found.

Navigate to the Git repository root of AMNES, enter a Pipenv-Shell and execute:

pip install -e dev/src

You are now able to use the utility by calling amnesdev or its shortform dev as long as you are in a Pipenv-Shell of AMNES and in any folder of the AMNES repository. The utility will automatically detect the Git repository root and will use this as the base for different actions.


With amnesdev hooks you are able to enable and disable git hooks for your AMNES repository. These might be handy as they automate some redundant tasks as synchronising your virtual python environment with the environment specified by Pipenv.lock and reinstalling AMNES and AMNES Development Utility as source installations.


This subcommand can be used to setup your Visual Studio Code Workspace for development on AMNES. Use amnesdev vscode --help for more information on which configurations and settings can be managed by this command.

Docker and Debug

These command groups can be used to manage the AMNES Development Environment based on Docker and Docker-Compose.

See AMNES Development Environment for more information.